How mom and baby yoga differs with other yoga class?

Yoga practice is really good for people especially mom and baby yoga classes are more common after were mom and newborn kid can do combine yoga. The mothers are allowed to take babies starting from age of six weeks to the yoga classes, if your family doctor permits.

Normally it is good to do yoga exercise on eighth week after you give birth to your child and you can also try doing postpartum yoga which would make you to feel better after child birth. The mum and baby yoga classes are quite different than other yoga class here the mother are allowed free to pick up their baby to feed her, rock her, change their diaper and they are allowed to console their babies by walking in and around.

Moreover trainer also helps you to hold fussy babies rather the yoga with babies will not be like meditative and quite as ordinary yoga class.

yoga with mommy

Benefits of mom and baby yoga class:

The mom and baby yoga class is mainly made mother and kid stay connected which gives several benefits which are listed below.

  • This yoga has specialty to re energize new moms and make them strengthen with soothing exercises. The different poses like standing pose, triangle, warrior one and warrior two will create stability makes the body strength.
  • The main benefit of doing yoga with mommy is it connects the body, mind and spirit within mother and similarly between baby and mother.
  • This spiritual connectivity between mother and baby allows making independent and healthy boundaries.
  • The yoga makes new mom to connect with other people of similar kind who are going through same physical and emotional change.
  • This yoga allows mother to keep their mind calm in the hectic and busy routine of continuous feedings, diaper change, hormone ranging and many sleepless nights.

yoga with babies

Mom can make their mind peace and calm by doing breathing exercise with their legs crossed this can be done with baby or without baby. Mostly doing yoga along with your baby is mainly based on the personality of your baby some may freak out in first class due to class atmosphere and cries lot. But all remains in the hands of mother if you work continuously your baby will also adapt to it and enjoy the atmosphere with other babies.

While doing so you can strengthen connection between you and your baby, calm your mind and strengthen your body.

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